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Rhythm Racer Back Fitness Dress
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Rhythm Racer Back Fitness Dress


Women’s Dresses: Top Trends For Active Lifestyles

Casual dresses make for great fashion but can’t always keep up with your active lifestyle. 

Today, we’re talking dress options for the active lifestyle. We’ll go over the most important features to look for and how to style your dress for the perfect look (hint: sneakers are your friend). 

Any woman’s wardrobe deserves the perfect dress that can keep up and keep them comfortable. We believe that shouldn’t mean compromising style, either, whether you prefer mini dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses, or even the iconic little black dress. From ruffles to florals, there’s a dress out there for everyone. 

With modern innovations, functional dresses and cute dresses can be one and the same. Wear yours anywhere, year-round: out on the town in autumn, basking on the beach in the best summer dresses.

If you’re not excited yet, just wait until you hear about how comfortable and functional a modern dress can be. Let’s jump in!

Active Lifestyle Dresses: What Features Should I Look For?

What makes the best dresses for an active lifestyle? Construction obviously plays a role, but the real key consideration is fabric.

Modern fabrics have revolutionized the availability of the most essential features for an active lifestyle. These features include moisture-wicking (sweat happens), breathability, stretch capability, and a lightweight feel that can come packed right in.

Unfortunately, traditional fabrics haven’t lived up to the standards necessary. Cheap, traditional cotton may feel soft, but it performs poorly both in active use and in environmental ratings. 

Synthetic fabrics may offer better functional features, but only at the cost of even greater sustainability concerns, thanks to the harmful chemical treatments needed for their performance power.

That’s where those modern fabrics we mention come in! First, there’s organic cotton: a much more sustainable alternative with greatly reduced performance issues.

At Tasc Performance, we’ve found our best fabric by blending organic cotton with another natural powerhouse: bamboo.

Bamboo includes all of the essential features listed above, plus a plethora of extras, in a natural, no chemicals needed shell. Without the need for chemicals, and thanks to highly efficient production paths, bamboo is also an incredibly sustainable material.

The Best Dress Styles

The best dress styles for your active lifestyle use the best material and design. That leads right to our recommendation of the day: our Midi Tank Dress.

Don’t let the comfortable, easy-going look deceive you—this midi dress will keep up with whatever your day brings. The design brings a cute and fashionable look, while our bamboo-organic cotton blend does the heavy lifting, loading all the features you need into this versatile style.

High side splits offer a great range of movement, while the overall form flatters your silhouette.

Pair with sneakers, flats, or sandals—the choice of yours. It’s as versatile as it is fashionable and functional, and with the right accessories, you’ll have a fantastic outfit.

For even more comfort and some support for your busiest days, our Allways Sports Bra layers beneath this dress to create the ultimate tag team.

Need a couple of new dresses? Pick one up in Black and another in Light Grey so you can wear this style as often as you want.


Tasc Performance has all you need to know about modern innovations in any style for your active lifestyle. We’ll be back with more guides before you know it!

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