Men's Joggers

Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger
  • Gunmetal
  • Black
Varsity Brushed Lightweight Jogger


Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Jogger
  • Black
  • Heather Gray
  • Iron Heather
Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Jogger


Recess Hybrid Pant
  • Black
Recess Hybrid Pant


The Best Men’s Joggers

No piece is more important to your athleisure arsenal than a high-quality pair of joggers.

Not only are they just about the most comfortable pants a man can own, but they’re also totally on-trend as year-round apparel. They can go way beyond loungewear. With the right fabric and features, handling even the most intense workout or hike is easy. Ideal with everything from sneakers to a polo, joggers bring a relaxed style to every outfit. 

At Tasc Performance, we offer a variety of jogger styles, each with its own unique look, but all with our top-of-the-line essential features.

So here’s our guide on finding the best joggers for those casual days. Let’s jump in, so you can find the next great addition to your wardrobe. 

What Fabric Should I Choose?

As important as high-quality joggers can be, low-quality joggers can be equally as detrimental. The most important factor to keep in mind is the fabric. 

The most popular fabrics elsewhere also have serious downsides. Cheap cotton often leaves you feeling overheated and uncomfortable during leisure and high-intensity activities alike, and the environmental impact, plus the cheap feel of synthetic fibers like polyester in your loungewear, leaves a sour taste.

Thankfully, we’re here to tell you about some better alternatives for a brighter future. First, we’re bringing in organic cotton as a replacement for traditional cotton. 

Organic cotton has the same soft feel as traditional cotton, without the practical problems, all brought to you with vastly improved environmental friendliness.

Then there’s bamboo, our favorite soft fabric. We’re betting it’s soon to be yours too! Bamboo is an absolute powerhouse of the natural world, loaded with features that make it the perfect fabric for activewear (and more).

Before we talk about those features below, we have to mention the stellar sustainability bamboo offers. Not only does bamboo production keep the planet in good condition, but it also helps sustain the communities involved in all stages of the process. A true, total win-win, and any bamboo product is sure to become one of your favorite belongings.

What Features Do the Top Joggers Have?

To truly fulfill the potential of athleisure, there are a few essential features a pair of men’s joggers has to have. 

Quality is more than just simple comfort for these pants. It’s about a synergy between function and feel that keeps you comfortable in any situation—not just when you first put them on. Joggers, like any good sweats, should be equally fitting for the couch or the gym.

The key features to look for include moisture-wicking, breathability, stretch capability, odor resistance, and of course, a super soft surface feel.

We rave so much about bamboo because it has every quality on that list and many more, each of them thanks to all-natural qualities—no chemicals needed! That’s pretty amazing if you ask us. That’s why you’ll find our signature bamboo-organic cotton blend at the heart of the very best joggers. 

What Are the Coolest Jogger Styles?

Classic joggers are definitely on-trend, so they’re worth including in your closet. The coolest looks feature pockets, a fitted ankle or cuffs, and a tapered leg, with a slightly more relaxed fit around the knee and thigh. The addition of a drawstring waistband or an elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit. Baggy sweatpants may be fine for around the house, but we recommend sticking to the slimmer look for going out.

With the colder months rolling in for most of us, the Legendary Heavyweight Fleece Jogger is an absolute must-have. Thanks to the moisture-wicking and breathability of bamboo, it’ll help regulate your temperature outdoors or in, keeping you comfortable all day.

For a slightly looser fit, different seam pattern, and equally powerful performance, grab a pair of two of our Varsity Brushed Lightweight Joggers as well. These come in two shades and pair perfectly with everything from T-shirts to hoodies, whether you’re heading out to run errands or hitting the gym any day of the week. 


Joggers are a must-have for any athleisure enthusiast’s wardrobe. That’s why we’re always here to keep you up to date on all the need-to-know info about the top picks for joggers and all things athleisure.

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