About us

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We Believe

Our Materials

We believe in bamboo.
We believe in organic cotton.
We believe plastics suck.

Our Mantra

We believe in simplicity.
We believe in needs, not wants.
We believe in quality over quantity.

Our Practices

We believe in loyalty.
We believe better takes time.
We believe in doing the right thing.

Our Style

We believe following trends is weak.
We believe in New Orleans.
We believe clothing can enhance life.

todd andrews and al andrews founders of tasc performance
natural bamboo

Family-founded in New Orleans, America’s most interesting city

After decades in the apparel industry and becoming frustrated with common fabrics and production practices, the Andrews family decided to create a better way. Performance garments are traditionally made from 100% synthetic materials (petrochemicals) and treated with multiple finishes: 1 to wick moisture, 1 for sun protection, and still another to guard against odor. The world is now conditioned to wear plastics in order to be active.

We believe that’s a compromise you shouldn’t have to make.

Our Solution

Bamboo Never Compromises

We were looking for a better-feeling fabric that was natural and could perform without chemical finishes (a crazy concept, since none existed). Intrigued by the luxurious feel and encouraged by the performance characteristics existing in the bamboo plant, we set out to find a solution. Working closely with our factory partner, we spent over 2 ½ years developing our unique BamCo® process. The result was a fabric that feels and performs better without chemical enhancements.

Organic Cotton

Natural Performance

Bamboo Viscose

Bamboo Performance Technology®

Our Fabrics

Relentless Innovation

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Over the past 12 years, we’ve created 15+ unique fabrics that are original to tasc Performance in varying weights, blends, and textures. In an industry where shopping around for outsourced fabrics is standard, we’ve taken the long-term approach to create more intuitive fabrics, firsthand. With the introduction of each new fabric, comfort is our #1 priority, and we endeavor to balance the natural and technical in a way that enhances both the wearing experience and the production process. Each of these fabrics represents years of collaboration, diligent innovation, new technology and most importantly, a sustainable and high-performing alternative to the standard.

Our Factory

Sustainability & Responsibility

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Our Practices

Sustainability is Our Standard

Chart 0 Power

100% of the power required to run our knitting and sewing facility is generated from solar & wind.

Chart 1 Water

99% of all wastewater from our factory is recovered, treated and reused in a closed-loop process to keep treated water out of the ecosystem

Chart 2 Products

72% of the products we make are natural fiber dominant (primarily Organic Cotton).

Solar Panels
Our People

A Tight Knit Group

Our founders have a 22 year relationship with a family-owned factory in India. They agreed, long ago, to be pioneers in fair & empowering workplace practices:

  • 18% higher wages than local average
  • Healthcare for all employees & their families
  • Subsidized housing & food
  • Integrated skill development & advancement
  • Weekly team-building & cultural events
  • Recognition & training program for the disabled
tasc Performance bamboo fabric and clothing factory workers in India
tasc Performance bamboo fabric and clothing factory workers in India